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Publications from Pat Dixon

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“Modern Database Tools Applied to DCS”

Date: March 2000

Publication: TAPPI/ISA Process Control Conference Proceedings, Williamsburg, VA

Description: This paper demonstrates how modern database tools can be used to greatly improve the productivity of tasks on a control system. The example involves a DuPont facility in which a very large Honeywell TDC 3000 control system was converted from older to newer vintage of field network and control devices. This involved translation of control algorithms, IO assignments, HMI, system configuration, and other critical data.

“The Myth and Magic of OPC”

Date: March 2009

Publication: ISA International Instrumentation Symposium, League City, TX

Description: This paper addresses the benefits and shortcomings of control system applications based on OPC. A case study at Austin Energy’s Decker Power Plant provides the basis for the presentation. It is found that OPC provides great benefit, but the implementation of this standard in the industry is severely lacking in diagnostics to help the end user when problems arise.

“Wireless Control - It’s Not the Same”

Date: March 2012

Publication: ISA Bluebonnet and Brazos

Description: With the introduction of wireless protocols for field instruments, their use in closed loop control can present unique challenges. The presentation discusses Emerson's enhancements to PID control used with wireless instruments to ensure the challenges are addressed to provide the best loop performance.