Craig J. - Sr. Research Associate, DuPont
“Pat, thanks for a fantastic job! As you return to Texas, I just wanted to say how much the NOMEX(R) organization and I have appreciated the high quantity and quality of work that you have done for us over the last several years. When your predecessor was moving on to a new assignment a few months before our first big Honeywell GUS startup, we told Honeywell that with startup so soon we felt we did not have time to train a new person on our system despite the overbearing workload facing us. We thought we would be better off in the short-term to just gut it out with even longer hours, rather than to add another person then. Joe Sloan assured us that if we passed up the opportunity to have you working with us, it would be a huge mistake. Joe was right! You came in and made immediate and significant contributions, even though you had never worked on a GUS system before. With your strong Honeywell US background, CL programming, and Visual Basic skills, you made the transition very quickly. One of the roles you were almost immediately thrust into was being the GUS Scripting expert, even though you hadn't done it before! I don't know how we would have completed that first startup on time without you.  Since that startup, we have seen a broad range of contributions that you have been able to make, from standard configuration, GUS graphics, US graphics, System upgrades and issues, CL Programming, to even Advanced Control applications. But in addition to your broad knowledge base, your approach to work has been just as much a factor in your success. You are focused on efficiently and effectively completing all jobs, with a willingness to work tirelessly on tasks until they are done. If you don't know how to do something, you are effective at getting the information you need, whether it's in manuals, the Technical Assistance Center, or elsewhere. And then you are definitely able to figure out how to apply that new information.  
Good luck in the next steps of your career. Some folks in Texas are going to find they are very fortunate to have you working with them.”

Cliff M.  – Research Associate, Dupont
“Pat, thank you!!!  I just read Craig's note to you and decided to second Craig's comments by thanking you for all the help you gave us in NOMEX(R) Paper. Your help on the headbox project got us out of a "pinch". Hank and I were juggling a lot of balls at that time and having your competent help to pick up the slack on the headbox project enabled us to get everything done well and on time. You learned our standards very quickly and did an excellent job of configuring our new headbox controls with minimum training. Also, thanks for configuring our GUS stations in the forming area and for your help with software upgrades. Again, these were jobs that we just didn't have time or experience to do and you gladly took on the task. Your approach was very organized and especially in the case of the software upgrade, enabled us to get it done without impacting production. Finally, thanks for your help with the TCI project on the Paper Forming machine. I'm glad that you were able to renew an old friendship with Ed Stephens and that we were able to benefit from your deep knowledge of multivariable paper machine control. I'm sure that you'll do well back home in Texas. We'd like to see you back here anytime you're in town Good luck!”

Dave D. - Decker 2 DCS Project Manager - Austin Energy
“I have worked with Pat for several years in the field of industrial process control. He is a capable project manager and has demonstrated his ability by administrating several difficult contracts for me while we worked together for an Austin based system integrator. Technically, Pat is proficient with numerous software products. I have personally witnessed his capabilities with DCS, PLC, HMI and APC systems. As a byproduct of those experiences, Pat has also become quite knowledgeable in the area of connectivity. My most recent experience with Pat was a project that involved the linking of equipment from three vendors using an OPC server. Pat is highly professional, prompt and dependable. He seems to have a good sense for the wherewithal required to implement projects so his schedule milestones are consistently met. And, I have always found him fair in negotiations. Within his realm of expertise, Pat Dixon is highly recommended.”

David K. - Director, IT, Business Development and Contracts - Andritz Inc
“The resources and skills of DPAS and your associates were essential to the progress of the Andritz endeavor. We appreciated your dedication to the task and professionalism in handling the vendor review process. We look forward to future opportunities to work together.”

Lauren D. - Executive Director - Libertarian Party of Texas
"I worked for Pat Dixon for a year. He's fair, kind, trustworthy, and honest. He's an exceptionally hard worker. If he makes a commitment to something, he'll go above and beyond in fulfilling that commitment. He's a highly experienced leader and excellent manager. He is well respected by all those who have worked for him, and that speaks volumes. If the opportunity arose, I would be happy to work for him again or serve on any team with him."